Photo by Emily Brown

TIER3 is more than a Piano Trio.

It is a story.

We are Joseph Wolfe, Jonathan Ayling and Daniel Grimwood

In Autumn 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus, in a time when concert halls were closed and live music non-existent, three musicians, Joseph, Daniel and Jonathan, were  desperate to find people to play music with. 

Joseph searched for musicians in his local area and was delighted to find Dan who then contacted Jonathan who also lives nearby, and the Tier3 Trio was born!

The January lockdown temporarily prevented us from rehearsing and performing until the Spring of 2021, when we began giving outdoor concerts to 30 people - the maximum allowed under the restrictions at that time.

Now we are delighted to be able to perform indoors to larger audiences.

We had a fantastic time presenting the Paddock Wood Proms in October, a series of Chamber Music concerts in the heart of Kent, at St Andrew's Church, Paddock Wood, and look forward to doing the same next year.